The last thing our students think about over the summer is their education. However, ensuring that a student remains scholastically engaged over the summer not only has the potential to build their interests and intelligence but can help them maintain a competitive edge once the new school year begins. The following activities are recommended by educational professionals and will help prepare your student for the next school year. 

Promote Summer Reading

Whether it’s through a local library or a program created by the school library, summer reading is a great way to make sure your student continues to work on their reading skills. Some districts make summer reading lists mandatory and as parents in a district without a mandatory summer reading list, and it’s important to encourage your student to read. The subjects read do not have to be heavy or academic, but the important thing is encouraging children to enjoy reading and not look at it in a negative light.

Go On Learning-Based Excursions

Certain family outings over the summer can encourage learning without your student even realizing it! Trips to the local museums, theatre, zoo, aquarium, and other historical locations are a great way to instill a little bit of learning while still having fun!

Online Learning Courses and Apps

Online educational programs continue to be released every summer and offer students the chance to brush up on skills they might have learned at the beginning of the last school year. Most of these programs are game based and make learning fun while also encouraging creativity in younger students. 

Any app store whether you use an Apple or Android device will have a wide variety of apps that are built to help students brush up on their vocabulary or practice their addition and subtraction skills. 


Summer is the best time to get older students involved in things happening in the community by volunteering for local organizations. While it provides valuable experience through the development of leadership and job skills, it also can point them toward a potential career opportunity and build a professional network within the community. 

Arts and Crafts

Whether it’s borrowing a cookbook from the local library and following a step by step recipe, coloring in a coloring book or taking an art class at a local art college or craft store, working on arts and craft projects over the summer helps foster creativity. It also means they’re doing something physical instead of sitting in front of a computer or TV screen playing video games.

As parents, we are in a great position to help get our students ready for the next school year. You know your child and know how to help turn their interest into great learning opportunities this summer!