Public schools play a significant role in shaping young minds and preparing them for life after school. Families are currently exploring other options for their children’s education through homeschooling, private schools, and cyber schools. None of those educational options compare to the advantages of public school education.

The Best Teachers
Some of the best teachers teach in public schools. Public school teachers must have a bachelor’s degree in a specialized education field, and most continue their education to receive their master’s degree. Public schools often have lower teacher turnover rates due to higher salaries than those at private or charter schools. Public school teachers also show higher job satisfaction because they can join unions and have a greater sense of stability that creates a safer workspace for teachers as well as students.

Community Roots
Public schools are also the hearts of the communities they serve. Most public schools have been around for a long time and did more than educate students. They often host extracurricular activities, sporting events, academic clubs, open libraries, and invite the community to attend local events.

Public school districts are also known to have generations of family members who have attended the school. Not only does the community know the teachers that work at the school, but they might be the same teachers that have taught multiple family members over time.

The more diverse a child’s environment is, the more well-rounded and adjusted they will be when entering the adult world. Besides learning essential reading, writing and math skills, public school students learn to deal with a variety of different people and personalities while at the same time being exposed to a sea of diversity in the human race.

Fiscal Responsibility
Public schools are very wise and conscious of their money because they have to stick to budgets! Their financial records are general knowledge to the entire community as well as the state. Every single spending decision a public school makes is made public, and state laws require that every expense must relate to educating children.

While budgets have gotten tighter and families have had to pitch in for additional school supplies and the cost of extracurricular activities, schools remain budget-friendly and a free alternative to the ballooning costs of private and boarding schools.

While the state of public schools relies heavily on additional funding, these schools are still actively working to make sure students are receiving the best education. Public schools will continue to offer students a diverse education and a chance to be apart of a growing and evolving community.