A lot of teachers want to gain more skills and plan and execute the instruction of their lessons better. These certifications can help a person at any stage in their career, as you are never too old to stop learning. Give your career a boost and build your skills with these advanced certifications on many interesting topics.


Computer Science Education

The growth of technology is far outpacing the modern applications of a teacher’s training. Many students are studying for a degree that can help them enter the field of computer science. Certification to teach the basics of computer science can be gained in just 18 months, even as a part-time student. You will not only learn about and be able to explain introductory programming methodology and basic principles, but you will also learn a thing or two about creative problem solving and viewing problems more analytically.


Literacy Instruction

You have probably known or quite a while just how important literacy is, just how crucial it is to daily life for everyone to be able to read. Learning new ways to promote literacy in your classroom is always a good skill to have. You will learn about the foundations of the skill, as well as innovative assessment strategies and ways of instructing your students.


American Sign Language Certification

Though you may not think of it as a foreign language, American Sign Language is a second language that fits the requirements for language credits in the majority of schools. You may think of ASL as a ‘style’ of English, but it is an independently developed method of communication. Learning this language can benefit students in a lot of the same way as their Spanish class or French.


Health Educator Certification

Health is one of the most important aspects of our lives, and the groundwork for good health practices is usually laid in childhood, or when students go to school. A teacher who is certified in Health Education can play a part throughout the school. You will learn to break down complex issues and be sensitive when engaging students in discussion.


Advanced certification will not only teach you new material that you can bring into the classroom, but it will update your teaching style and greatly boost your profession.