Summer is the most enjoyable season of the year for many of us, especially for children. However, when a child exits the campus doors on the final day of school, getting them to focus on their studies willingly can feel like pulling teeth. Instead of allowing their skills to get rusty, try using these educational activities this summer.

Play Board Games

As most kids are competitive by nature, board games are an evergreen activity to keep them sharp as they strive to be victorious. There is an abundance of board games on the market that are based around using proper grammar, building words and sentences, figuring numbers, utilizing critical thinking, and doing just about anything that can be used to create more intelligent and self-sufficient children.

Get Out in Nature

This may not sound very educational, but there are so many things that can be learned outdoors. To improve children’s math skills, challenge them to count various elements, like trees, leaves, and insects. Also, by having them observe the world around them and share their findings, they will effortlessly strengthen their cognitive and analytical skills.

Pull Out the DIY Projects

Crafting is another excellent activity that urges children to enjoy learning in their free time. For younger kids, DIY projects can be as simple as using paint, markers, and other cool supplies to illustrate a concept or to complete a series of math problems. For those that require a bit more stimulation, thought-provoking tasks, like mixing safe household products to create chemical reactions or cooking tasty recipes while using the correct measurements, can help brace them with a unique set of skills.

Offer Incentives

Although providing incentives is not an activity, it is still a helpful tip to get the kids on board this summer. This is where a bribe or two can help a child become a greater version of themselves. To sweeten the experience, try offering money, reducing chores, buying goodies, or rewarding them with an unforgettable weekend with their friends.

For the most fruitful results, go for exciting activities and tailor them to fit the child’s personality so that they don’t lose interest. With the right amount of creative effort, any child can easily be trained to become more studious this summer and beyond.