Over the years, numerous studies have concluded that their parents most heavily influence students’ success in school. The parent plays a tremendous role by promoting and encouraging education and learning. They can also help the students set goals for themselves and become more involved in their school and extracurricular activities. When parents are not as actively involved, the child suffers on multiple levels. The following ways can be used to help increase parent participation in students’ education.

With many schools switching to virtual learning, the internet has become an essential tool in students’ education. Both parents and teachers can come together to share ideas for learning using web videos. Teachers can provide clear guidance with specific assignments for the student to use as practice and teaching mechanisms. The parents’ feedback can be communicated back using web videos to let the teacher know what areas the student may need extra help. This is an excellent way for parents to play a more active role in their child’s learning.

Even throughout this recent pandemic, many parents had to continue to work to make ends meet. Schedules are increasingly busy, and it can become challenging to keep track of school events and happenings. A dedicated blog and calendar for parents are essential to have increased parent participation. Having a major online presence and an updated event calendar will allow parents to stay updated at all times.

Volunteer opportunities are a wonderful way to increase parent participation in the students’ education. When volunteering, parents finally step away from the sidelines and immerse themselves in the school community. It can also provide them with the chance to see what their child is involved in daily. Not only are they able to get involved with their child’s school, but it allows for more bonding time between the student and their parent. Research has proven that students who benefit from having more parent participation in their education have a higher overall achievement no matter their socioeconomic level. They also have a greater level of self-esteem in every aspect of their life.