For new education professionals, there are a number of things to be aware of when first starting out. From how to set up a classroom to dealing with difficult students, new education professionals will face various situations in their roles. In order to ensure that they are responding in the most effective and appropriate way possible, it is important to utilize the resources available to them. Education professionals within elementary education should consider exploring the following resources


A well-known website that provides a variety of helpful resources within education is called Edutopia. In addition to providing updates on the latest news and trends within education, Edutopia also provides more information on methods that have been successful in the classroom. Get access to helpful articles, videos, and more on their main website. 

Mind Shift

An excellent resource that looks deeper into how technology is changing education is called Mind Shift. Originally launched in 2010, Mind Shift examines the various ways that technology has changed the education field and provides helpful information on how to best utilize technology in the classroom. Teachers that are looking for ways to better incorporate technology into their classroom lessons should visit their website to get more information. 


One thing that teachers will likely agree on is the significance of making lessons fun for their students. Not only can making lessons more exciting help students absorb new information, but it can also make the process of learning more enjoyable. Curriki provides a community of volunteers, teachers, and contributors with resources on how to make learning more enjoyable while also incorporating the blended teaching model. This is a great way to bounce ideas off of other professionals and learn from their experiences.

Share My Lesson

If you are looking for a resource that offers previous lesson plans, games, or other classroom activities, Share My Lesson is a great place to go. In addition to providing lesson plans from other teachers, the website helps teachers learn more about how to make lessons more interesting and easier for students to absorb. A major advantage of Share My Lessons is that lesson plans are broken down into grades, making it easier for teachers to find the best resources.