Everyone reacts differently to virtual learning. Some people can take it and find great success in it, while for others, there is a large learning curve, and it takes time to find success. What works well in a traditional classroom setting may not work as well in a virtual classroom setting. Regardless, they both have the same goal; to engage students and develop subject matter knowledge.

Before a successful virtual classroom can be set up, knowing what a virtual classroom is how these platforms work is extremely important. A secure portal for students to log in to where they can ask questions, access assignments and lecture recordings, have student discussions, receive feedback and take part in polls, quizzes, and writing exams is needed to help set both students and teachers up for success. Make sure to do research and test out different platforms to determine what will work best for everyone involved. There are four main tips to consider when setting up a virtual classroom.

It is crucial to make sure an educator has a professional at-home workspace. This can look different for everyone. Some can make small adjustments, while others like to make extensive changes. Regardless, as long as space can minimize distractions and ensure productivity while staying focused, that is the primary goal. Always make sure to test out the technical side of things. This will help the educator know precisely what is going wrong during a virtual class time not to waste precious time. 

In-person classes and online classes are entirely different, so it is important to set class expectations, goals, and routines. This will encourage students to create productive learning environments wherever they can and take ownership of their work. One of the most challenging things to adjust to is not having constant feedback from students and other faculty. That is why an educator should make communication and survey tools available to know exactly what to change and improve on to make the learning environment better for everyone.

There is never a wrong way to set up a virtual classroom. Making sure students are productive and focused should always be the number goal for an educator. Maximizing online learning is important to keep up a good and positive rapport with students. Teachers are learning right along with their students, and they should all continue to look ahead for future learning initiatives.