If you want to prepare your child for success in kindergarten testing, it’s important to invest time with your child to help them improve in various areas of development and learning. Preparing your child for kindergarten testing will help them have a higher level of success when the time comes. As a parent, you are their most valuable resource when it comes to helping your child succeed. The following tips will help you prepare your child for kindergarten testing.


It’s important to encourage your child to be as independent as possible. As a parent, you should take a step back and allow your child to do as many things as possible for themselves. Your child should be able to put away their toys, get themselves dressed, put their shoes on the right feet, and put their jacket on. Independence will significantly help prepare your child for kindergarten testing as well as their future in elementary school.


Adding responsibilities into your child’s everyday routine will help encourage them to help out around the house and show the ability to help out their classmates when needed. Responsibilities help kids follow directions while also helping to develop more independence. Your future kindergartener will take pride in learning to do things on their own.


Encouraging your child to learn something new daily is excellent for kindergarten testing! Your future kindergartener should count to at least ten, know the alphabet, know basic shapes, and know their colors. While they do not need to know how to write their name, they should hold a pencil, crayon, or marker and draw their shapes. 

Read Aloud

Your child should be able to sit through you reading a book to them. It’s important to read with your child every single day. Whether you get a library card and visit the library a few times a month or take them to a local bookstore, reading various books on different topics will help them develop a desire to learn to read when they hit kindergarten. Your child will not be tested on their reading ability at kindergarten testing, but this is important as they start developing reading habits early on in their education.