Dr. Shannon Burton

Over 18 Years of Education Experience

About Dr. Burton

Dr. Shannon Burton is a former public school math teacher in Yonkers, New York. During his eight year stay, he taught a variety of math classes. From there, he moved into the role of Assistant Principal for Mathematics and Public relations at the same high school. Before his time as an educator in high school, Dr. Burton was a middle school principal for a large, inner-city school in the state of New York. In this role, he closed the achievement gap whereas students graduated from 8th grade with over 9 New York State Regents Examinations completed.

As a former Director of Secondary Education for a network of schools in New Jersey, Dr. Burton spearheaded the opening of a new middle school which is currently under candidacy for the International Baccalaureate Program. He is also a visiting professor for various local universities in New York teaching a variety of graduate and undergraduate level educational, business, and mathematics courses.



Dr. Shannon Burton received two Associate degrees and one Bachelor’s degree from Berkeley College where he majored in Business Administration and Hotel and Restaurant Management. In addition, he received his Master’s Degree in Science and Education from Lehman College specializing in Business Education, and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education from Drury University. In an effort to continue his love for education, he also went on to earn his Ph.D. in Educational Administration and a Masters in Business Administration in Marketing from Capella University.

His doctoral research included studying secondary school dropout rates to see what educational administrators can do to prevent this epidemic. Finally, Dr. Burton received his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Columbia University majoring in Health Care Management and currently is working on a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.



Dr. Burton strives to be a living example of the beauty and importance of education, learning, and a continual desire to stretch one’s own perceived limits.

He also has a graduate certification in School and Business Administration from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Dr. Shannon Burton is a New York State certified school business and school district administrator, and a certified mathematics educator.

Dr. Shannon Burton has over 18 years of classroom and educational leadership experience. Furthermore, Dr. Burton has extensive knowledge of the edTPA. His experience and training have supported candidates to successfully complete and pass the edTPA.



Shannon has qualified or won for the following educational awards:

      • 2021 Professor of the Year Concordia College 
      • 2020 New York State Principal Achievement Recognition Award

Teaching Positions


Shannon has held or is currently holding the following positions in education:

      • Professor of Mathematics, Manhattan College 
      • Professor of Mathematics, Mount Saint Vincent 
      • Professor of Mathematics, Nightingale College
      • Professor of Mathematics, Kean University 
      • Professor of Mathematics, Ramapo College 
      • Graduate Professor of Education, Grand Canyon University 
      • Graduate Professor of Business, Monroe College 

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